Dealing with my debts

A few years ago, I got into bad debt, but thankfully found my way out of it(or at least most of the way – still a bit to go). So I thought I would share a few things I learned along the way.

There is no question about it. Debt can be very daunting, especially for those people who are trying to pay it off on a limited budget. With very little money on your hands, paying a debt may seem impossible or even impractical. Don’t you sometimes just wish for your debts to disappear magically?

Well, your debt may not exactly disappear magically, but there are some approaches that you can use to get out of debt. The truth of the matter is that you are not alone on this. There are many other people with the same problem. There are also success stories of people who managed to pay off their debt despite the tough financial climate.

Check out the tips below to get you started:

Cut costs

As obvious as it sounds, you cannot truly get out of debt without cutting down on your spending. Even if you employ the best techniques to repay your debt, failure to reduce costs will make you pay for a longer period. Look at your monthly spending in detail. What can you change? Mark all the expenses that are unnecessary and divert these funds to the repayment of your debts.

Have a repayment plan

So, the adage goes, “Failure to plan is planning to fail”. True to this, your efforts to repay your debt are going to get stalled somewhere along the way if you don’t have a plan. Write down all the lenders that you owe them money. Determine just how much money you owe each of them and make their payment in the order of urgency. Factors such as the interest rate, the terms of the loan, and the amount owed will guide how you order for these payments. For more info, see this helpful article – How much time before debts written off

Set up automatic deductions

You may occasionally feel that those small payments that you are making are not worth it. However, you need to know that every cent counts. Setting up automatic deductions will help you to eradicate the urge of finding excuses not to remit your payments. Where possible, make arrangements with your bank to make payments on your behalf every month. Organize yourself, and avoid excessive spending as you already know that this money is headed elsewhere.

Watch your spending

This is very different from cutting costs. People get into debts due to poor spending choices. You probably found yourself in this situation because of poor spending decisions in the past. Of course, there are many potential and legitimate reasons why you may have gotten into debt such as school loans and home mortgage. Simply put, be proactive about how you pay your debt.

Seek help

It may be overwhelming. Maybe sometimes you don’t know, or you are not sure of what to do about it. If you are stuck, seek professional help. The pressure from your creditors may leave you confused, and you may not know how to move forward. As you’ll later learn, all you need is good communication with your creditors, and you can work things out from here on how you can get out of debt.

Ultimately, you need commitment and the right mindset to pay off your debt with a limited budget. It is a hurdle that you can overcome. Be consistent and fulfill your promises. Also, nobody is perfect. So learn to forgive yourself for the small transgressions that you make along the way.

Dealing with my debts

Visiting Portland

One of my favourite places to visit is Portland in Oregon. It’s a great city with terrific food and night-life.

When you visit Portland Oregon, there are things to do in Portland. You need to have plenty of time when you visit the place.


You can travel to Portland Oregon with your friends or family. Portland has some attractions that draw people to the city. Here are museums, gardens, and tax-free retailers of coffee, books, and doughnuts. If you are interested in events in Portland, I recommend

The things to do in Portland are many. You can visit places that include


Oregon Zoo

When you visit the Oregon Zoo, you get the chance to view over 2000 animals around the world. The conservation zoo is renowned for its Asian elephant breeding program. You learn a lot here.


Stumptown Coffee Rosters

The Stumptown Coffee Rosters have different flavors of coffee. So every time you visit Portland you need to visit this place for a Latte. When you are in Portland Oregon, You need to start your day with a cup of coffee from the Stumptown coffee roasters.

Portland Saturday market

When in Portland make sure you visit the Portland Saturday market where people sell their unique creations. There are live music and entertainments that you should not miss.


Powell’s city of books

There is also the Powell’s city of books that you cannot miss. It is one of the world’s bookstores. You may not be a fun of reading but once you visit the store, you can never miss something small that you will learn from the Powell’s city of books.


Lan Su Chinese Garden

Lan Su Chinese Garden is another place that you should visit when you come to Portland. The place is covered with bridges, walkways, and pavilions. It has a richly planted landscape frame that hosts various events. When you plan to get married in Portland, you can consider Lan Su Chinese garden.


Pittock Mansion Oregon Museum of Science and Industry

There is also the Oregon museum of science and Industry. You can visit the science museum where you can experience an earthquake, see a movie in the Empirical Theater. You can also tour the real submarine.


Portland Farmers Market

The Portland farmers market operates from spring through fall. The market provides fresh-produce flowers, cheeses, meats and many more.


Portland Japanese Garden

The Portland Japanese Garden is a haven of tranquil beauty. It is an authentic Japanese garden outside Japan that people cannot miss visiting when they come to Portland.

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Visiting Portland

I hate bugs

What do you do when you have pests? The summer can brings a number of pests into your home and garden and then as autumn approaches, a lot of pests and bugs are looking for somewhere warm to stay. Every year we have problems with wasps in Sept and then mice coming in for the winter. I don’t count myself an expert, but here are a few things I have learned. For more about getting rid of pests, visit Dead Pestz, which is a great information resource.

Spring and summer bring with them bugs and pests that invade you home and end up being a nuisance to you and your family. These creepy crawlers will invade your garden, home and compound. To get rid of pests and protect yourself, you can use natural ways or chemicals. Whenever you use chemicals, ensure you take the nacessary precautionary measures since these chemicals do not only affect pests and bugs but also affect you and your family.

Here is a list of some efficient pests and bugs control DIY’s that will give you the protection you desire to enjoy indoors and outdoors during spring and summer.

  1. Ants

You might have had hard times fighting an army of ants invading your home. You can prevent ants from your home by spraying borax powder or boric acid at all entrances and on any trail that you come across.

If you home is already infested, mix boric acid with flour or sugar (ensure it’s out of reach from children); ants will transport the grains to their nest and once they feed on them they will die. You can also prevent their invasion by cleaning all surfaces thoroughly, securely storing all food at night, washing floors often and disposing trash daily.

  1. Mosquitoes and Flies

To protect yourself from mosquitoes, ensure you eliminate all sources of stagnant water within your compound like empty soda cans, wading pools, bottles, long grass, weeds, and gutters.

Flies are a common nuisance during summer as they breed in sewage, water, garbage, lawn clippings, animal waste, and rotting food. Removing all litter in your yard will solve this problem.

  1. Cockroaches and Silverfish

These night prowlers are attracted to dark, warm and humid spots; therefore, they hide anywhere in your home.

Roaches emerge at night and will feed on crumbs, pet food, wax, paper and glue. Sanitation is key to getting rid of roaches as they will have nothing to feed on. You can also use commercial products like insecticides to get rid of pests and prevent them from invading your home.

  1. Bees and Wasps

Bees and wasps will swarm around food, drinks and trash cans; therefore, getting rid of these sources of temptation will see them disappear. Yellow jackets will visit any sugary foods and therefore, watch out for them near garbage and around picnics. You can prevent this by covering any foods you carry outdoors and sealing your trash can at all times.

Ensure you frequently inspect your building, attics, bushes and under eaves for any bees and wasp nests. You can use a commercial product to get rid of these nests or you can seek the services of a licensed pest control professional to get the job done.

  1. Fleas and Ticks

During summer, fleas and ticks will follow your pet to your home. You can keep them away by bathing and combing your pet frequently as well as cleaning beddings.

Regular vacuuming of carpets and any upholstered furniture is also highly recommended. If you are unable to get rid of pests like ticks and fleas by yourself, use insecticides or seek the services of an exterminator.

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I hate bugs

Dealing with disaster – flood

Recently we had a flood in our kitchen, and having never had to deal with this before, I made a few mistakes. However, they say that we learn from our mistakes, so I thought I would write down some of the hard lessons learned from this domestic disaster.

Natural calamities never come knocking at your door. Similarly, when your house floods without getting you a warning sign, you are left with very little things to do. But, if you are well prepared you can manage this situation and walk out of it easily. Here are some of the tips that will help you manage your flooded house. If you are having trouble with floods, this company helped us a lot –
1. Turn off electricity

After you have come to senses that your house is completely flooded, the first thing to do is put off the electricity of the main fuse or main breaker. In fact, before you step on the water all over the house, simply turn off the electricity. This will help you prevent further accidents from occurring. Above all, you need to do thing even if your community has the power turned on. But, in case if you can’t reach the fuse box in a dry place, don’t stand in the water and do this.
2. Check out on any gas leaks

It is absolutely normal to panic when you come across flooded homes all of a sudden. But make sure to control yourself and check out on any gas leaks in the house. Pay attention to any hissing noise, a blowing sound or smelly gas. What you need to do is immediately open all the windows in the house and leave your house. Apart from this, you need to turn off the gas at the main valve outside. However, if you are unable to do it by any chance, call your gas company without wasting any time.

3. Document damage properly

You need to leave your flooded house when situations go beyond control, but this doesn’t mean you cannot claim any insurance. To claim insurance later, you need to take images of the house from within as well as from outside. Take as many pictures of the whole house as possible. Also, take pictures of the damaged belongings along with the house. Do this immediately to document the situation for claim.
4. Check on water and food contamination

Food and water contamination is a big problem in a flooded house. Before consuming any food, check to see if it is free from contamination. Also, don’t drink from the tap directly, it might be contaminated. For homes that use well water, check to see if the water is safe to drink. To prevent any kind of health issues, purify water and drink it.
5. Pump water carefully

The final tip is to pump one third water from the basement every day. It will help you prevent further structural damage to the house. If you pump out the water quickly the heavy wet soil will put pressure on the walls and damage it.Lastly, always take professional help when you face a flooded house. Professionals know how to deal with it and provide you quick solution.

Dealing with disaster – flood

My saving money journey

One of the things I have been trying to do lately is to have  better control of my money, and spend a lot less. I have also been trying to save money too, to have that bit extra for when I need it. Here are a few of the things I have discovered along the way.


It is stressful to be forever worrying about saving enough money for various needs in life. This constant worry can be alleviated by taking control of our spending habits which in turn means more money saved. There are a number of surprisingly easy ways that can ensure some cash is easily tucked away in your bank account.


One great way is using coupons and vouchers to save money on things you need to buy. You can get these for many of the big stores that have online shops, even including Amazon. One great place to find coupons is You might want to check it out.

One of the easiest ways to save money is ensuring that you reduce the chance of handling it yourself. This means making arrangements with the bank so that a portion of your salary check is credited your savings account or a retirement package. This automatic saving arrangement saves you the trouble and effort of deciding how much money to save per month from your salary or earnings. If your are self-employed you can decide how much you will deposit each month, and ensure you have the discipline to stick to this. When saving it is advisable to start saving as early as possible to take advantage of compound interest. Small amounts can accumulate to healthy funds as time passes. Later on you can start –cautiously- investing some savings in the stock market.

Keeping a budget is also critical as you try to save money. This involves budgeting your income at the start of each month. You can then assign a portion of your income to all the large expenses ahead of time-which helps avoid money wastage. Each paycheck, as soon as you get it, will then be assigned according to the budget. Related to this is recording of expenses. Tracking of monthly expenses will help identify problematic areas and adjustments required in order to conform to the budget. Expense tracking should include both the large and small expenses. This can be done using notebooks and/or easily available expense tracking apps.It is also prudent to save every receipt to enhance expense tracking.

Tracking expenses will help you eliminate luxurious items from the budget. It is quite easy to do without items such as gas-guzzling motor vehicles or even cable TV television. Other prudent steps include buying clothing from thrift shops, selling unused electronic gadgets and unsubscribing from optional internet plans and television packages.

Housing expenses is one of the largest items in most people’s budgets. Tips for reducing this expense include negotiating with your landlord, mortgage refinancing (if you are paying a mortgage) and moving to cheaper areas.

Food expenses also take a large chunk of most peoples’ budgets. Buying food in bulk is generally less costly than making small purchases. You can consider joining warehouse retailers that sell in bulk. In addition buying nutritious foods is cheaper.for instance, brown rice-bought at the local grocery- is cheaper than canned or processed foods .There are also stores that offer discounts and coupons.You should take advantage of such offers.

Other expense-reducing solutions include cutting down on energy costs. This includes switching off the heat, air-conditioner and lights when not in use. you can also consider installing and using solar energy panels for uses such as water heating.

Another way to save money is reducing travel expenses. This may mean walking or using public transport instead of driving. Carpooling has also gained popularity as a way of reducing costs and saving money.

Leisure activities can also be managed to cut costs and save money. Instead of buying video games and movies, you can read books or play board games and go hiking with friends.

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My saving money journey