Dealing with disaster – flood

Recently we had a flood in our kitchen, and having never had to deal with this before, I made a few mistakes. However, they say that we learn from our mistakes, so I thought I would write down some of the hard lessons learned from this domestic disaster.

Natural calamities never come knocking at your door. Similarly, when your house floods without getting you a warning sign, you are left with very little things to do. But, if you are well prepared you can manage this situation and walk out of it easily. Here are some of the tips that will help you manage your flooded house. If you are having trouble with floods, this company helped us a lot –
1. Turn off electricity

After you have come to senses that your house is completely flooded, the first thing to do is put off the electricity of the main fuse or main breaker. In fact, before you step on the water all over the house, simply turn off the electricity. This will help you prevent further accidents from occurring. Above all, you need to do thing even if your community has the power turned on. But, in case if you can’t reach the fuse box in a dry place, don’t stand in the water and do this.
2. Check out on any gas leaks

It is absolutely normal to panic when you come across flooded homes all of a sudden. But make sure to control yourself and check out on any gas leaks in the house. Pay attention to any hissing noise, a blowing sound or smelly gas. What you need to do is immediately open all the windows in the house and leave your house. Apart from this, you need to turn off the gas at the main valve outside. However, if you are unable to do it by any chance, call your gas company without wasting any time.

3. Document damage properly

You need to leave your flooded house when situations go beyond control, but this doesn’t mean you cannot claim any insurance. To claim insurance later, you need to take images of the house from within as well as from outside. Take as many pictures of the whole house as possible. Also, take pictures of the damaged belongings along with the house. Do this immediately to document the situation for claim.
4. Check on water and food contamination

Food and water contamination is a big problem in a flooded house. Before consuming any food, check to see if it is free from contamination. Also, don’t drink from the tap directly, it might be contaminated. For homes that use well water, check to see if the water is safe to drink. To prevent any kind of health issues, purify water and drink it.
5. Pump water carefully

The final tip is to pump one third water from the basement every day. It will help you prevent further structural damage to the house. If you pump out the water quickly the heavy wet soil will put pressure on the walls and damage it.Lastly, always take professional help when you face a flooded house. Professionals know how to deal with it and provide you quick solution.

Dealing with disaster – flood